J.Ward Designs

About Me

I create original paintings in bright colors with fantasy landscapes. They are unique because they are done with acrylic paints on cotton muslin instead of canvas. 


I have a degree in Studio Art with a painting emphasis from Hope College in Holland, Michigan.  I have been painting professionally since 1998.  I have done many local art fairs here in Wisconsin and have decided to spread out through the internet.  I have paintings available at a gallery in Cedarburg, Wisconsin called Studio 6.  You can check it out at http://www.studio6artists.com 




Typically my paintings are done on cotton muslin with acrylic paints.  I use the muslin because it has a tighter weave than canvas, eliminating the appearance of brushstrokes and keeping the painting smoother.


I favor bright colors and simple images.  My paintings usually have no hidden meanings or secret insights.  When I finish a piece, it makes me happy, and that is my favorite part of my work.







I currently live and work in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and still display and sell work out of Studio 6 in Cedarburg.  I am also part of the professional ATS Bellydance Troupe, Tamarind Tribal Bellydance.  http://www.tamarindtribalbellydance.com  I love bright color and design in all aspects of my life!

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